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Resting in hot Spain or sitting comfortably at home, we can communicate with almost the whole world through the Internet. Mobile banking, e-mail, social messaging – all these applications we have in our smartphones to reach the proverbial hand. At a time when the apartment rental market is flourishing and from year to year the offer is richer and more attractive to meet customer requirements, a mobile rental application Rentumi has been created.

What is Rentumi then?

It is an application whose main goal is to completely automate renting apartments for long-term rental, so that property owners are not “hoteliers” but become renters who only passively earn on renting. Software has been created for investors with 1 or even 30 apartments and for those who deal with management or sublease of premises – so for everyone who rents a flat.

Skillful Rent apartments from Rentumi

What’s included?

The most important features of the Rentumi application are:

  • apartment management,
  • tenant management,
  • generating a verified agreement,
  • online payments,
  • transparent settlements,
  • communication between tenants and the manager,
  • counter states,
  • inventory list,
  • effective debt collection,
  • bug reporting,
  • professionals at hand,
  • evaluation.

troubles of the landlord

Rental problems

Problems during rental are primarily: commitment, time to book and collect payments, search for documents such as a tenancy agreement, search for a tenant and (perhaps most important) self lease contract creation and flat show . Thanks to the Rentumi application , it’s all maximally simplified .

remote lease

Remote lease

It should be noted that signing a contract via the Rentumi application is completely remote and uncomplicated . The first step in this direction is of course setting up an account on the Rentumi page by clicking the MANAGEMENT icon and accepting the regulations. It is worth presenting this step-by-step procedure.

the first remote contract

What was the conclusion of the contract through the application?

Remote agreement

The first lease contract has been concluded for long-term and completely remotely controlled, i.e. without coming to the flat in which the room was to be rented. The conversation took place by phone , and the entire process was managed through smart home installed in this apartment and Rentumi application . Smart Home allowed the tenant to enter the premises, and the conversation that lasted all the time led him to a specific room, whose renting was interested in. After watching the room and accepting the tenant , you could go on to discuss the lease terms .

Online Formals

The next step was an invitation to sign a lease agreement for via the Rentumi application on the mobile device . The tenant received an SMS message with consent to the sharing of his personal data, then he gave e-mail (if it already exists in the database, then we can download his personal data if not – make up on your own). Next came the supplementation of basic parameters , such as: the duration of the contract, the amount of rent and deposit. After approving the above steps, generating an agreement in the application was signed, which was signed with the fingertip. Due to the fact that a graphic signature may be challenged in court, the security for the lessor was a tenant’s transfer for the first rent and deposit . This is an additional confirmation of concluding a lease agreement .

Key transfer

At the end, when all the formalities were completed, the landlord informed about the location of the keys to the room. The entire conclusion of this completely remote lease agreement was approximately 10 minutes and was presented on June 2, 2018 at the Investors’ Real Estate Seminar.

pros and cons

Rentumi pros and cons

There is no doubt that the Rentumi application has a huge amount of benefits . The most important are:
  • time saving – you can manage your rental from every corner of the world without involving additional people, such as employees; the completion of all formalities takes literally a moment, making it comfortable for the landlord and the tenant,
  • saving money – we do not have to go into additional costs, ie print the contract or get to the property,
  • transparency – personal data necessary to conclude a contract are online: clear and legible, as opposed to hand-written contracts,
  • ordering – all documents are stored in the Rentumi application and can be used at any time with only a mobile device; there is no need to scan and collect in thick binders,
  • completely remote rental – thanks to additional security features such as Smart Home, an electronic lock with a mobile phone or a camera in the corridor directed at the entrance door, you can practically with 100% confidence guide remote rental without fear of theft of devices from the apartment,
  • contract upgrade lease agreement which is in the application is monitored on an ongoing basis by a law firm that cares for its clarity, simplicity and clarity,
  • convenience – one click is enough for the tenant to pay the rent, contact the owner or report the defect to the specialists.
Some people see minus:
  • tenant verification – there is a fear that we do not know who “let in the apartment”, so landlords prefer to make sure and replace a few sentences with potential tenant . Rentumi application goes out to the owners opposite. A survey of the tenant will be shown showing, among other things, the history of his tenancy and payments. If there are any doubts – everything will be displayed in red. In case of further lack of the owner’s resolve, you can always meet with the tenant and complete the remaining formalities online,
  • duration of the contract – the contract must be concluded for one year (365 days) minus one day, so that it can be concluded electronically or verbally,
  • proof of its conclusion – one of the key elements is definitely to show that the contract has been signed . Graphic signature may be undermined by a graphologist, therefore the Rentumi application also uses the verification transfer , SMS and email . You can also talk to record after informing and receiving the consent of the tenant. Until the end of July 2018 (as the first in the world) will be introduced Blockchain technology , which consists of extracting from the signed contract string representing it and saving it in Blockchain , in where we cannot edit and delete anything . This is an irrefutable proof that the contract has been concluded .

In summary, at first glance you can see the decidedly advantages resulting from the use of Rentumi application . At a time when most people live in a constant run, and every minute is practically worth the weight of gold, help in this low-cost and simplified communication between the manager and the tenant is invaluable. For more information, please refer to Rentumi .

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