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Do you rent your own, sub-rent or manage an apartment? Do it more conveniently with Rentumi.

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My Rental
Agreement Generator


Find an apartment below market value.


  • Offers from over 200 websites.

  • Instant notification of a new offer.

  • Auction bailiffs and tenders.

  • Put only the right search parameters.

My Rental

An application for independent rental accounting.


  • Settle rental tax.

  • Flat tax or tax on general terms.

  • Billing for utilities.

  • Automatic paymants and invoicing.
Visit My Rental

An advertisment on the most popular real estate portals.

  • No need to register on portals.
  • Professional copywriting.
  • Home-staging option.
  • Contact details of the owner – quick and convenient contact.

Agreement Generator for Rental and Subletting

Prepare a rent or sub-rent agreement through the Rentumi Application based on a template prepared by experienced lawyers and verified by extensive use.


  • Flexible settlement options for rent, deposit and utility costs.

  • Ability to remote sign, without the need to meet with the tenant.

  • Electronic security through Blockchain technology.

  • The option of electronic payments, automatic discount for punctuality.

  • Special subscriptions for sub-rent, and rent for companies.
Agreement generator in the Rentumi Application

Earn with Rentumi

The best investment offers

  • Rentumi specialists in the largest cities
  • Transparent financial terms
  • Ready investment in rented apartments
  • Apartments for subrent

We prepare investments

  • The best offers collected all the time
  • Counseling and ready-made document templates
  • Verification of contractors and formal - legal status of real estate

We will manage the rental

  • Innovative Rentumi application
  • We will prepare a set of documents with the possibility of remote signing
  • We will provide payments via electronic transfers

The sub rental worth attention

  • Fast growing market segment
  • Connects property owners with investors
  • We choose the best sub rental offers for you

Document templates


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Take advantage of Rentumi advice and boost your business on higher level

We are a group of experienced investors and we will be happy to help you earn more. Among others:


  • We have the best investment offers on the market

  • We prepare investment offers according to your needs

  • We manage the rental saving your time

  • We offer attractive subrent of real estate

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