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Rentumi Property franchise model means faster development and greater security. You get all the know-how, magazine designs, Rentumi rental remote renting system, participation in free training, webinars and leads.

To start earning anymore
in the first month we give you:

  • Ready leads
  • Home staging
  • A photo taking service for the seller.
  • Revolutionary Rentumi application for rent management.
  • Distribution of advertisements.
  • Opportunity to invest with profit using capital of clients or investors

You receive a fully equipped office from us

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • All office equipment
  • Office branding
  • Advertising gadgets
  • Business cards, leaflets
  • CRM system
  • camera 360 and VR equipment (Virtual Reality)
  • Invoicing system
  • Advertisement system
  • Website
  • Workshops

Everything in franchise price

Requirements for opening a new franchise

Each business requires initial investment and funding.

What are the costs of opening your own real estate office under the Rentumi Property ™ logo?

  • from $20,000 - Fully equipped branch
  • $10,000 - Reserve capital
  • 8 hours per day
  • Employment of employees at a later stage
  • Rentumi workshops and exam
  • or experience in business
  • Rental in the city center
  • or having your own property

Rentumi Property Offer


  • from $20,000 fully equipped branch and workshops</ li>
  • License fee – 5% (minimum $700 per month) + $350 marketing fee </ li>
  • 3 first months without license fee </ strong> </ li>

Rentumi background:

  • Launching a ready branch </ li>
  • Marketing support </ li>
  • Know How – an effective business model </ li>
  • Delivery of orders </ li>

Apply today

Joining the franchise network means the possibility of greater expansion, cost reduction as well as the possibility of implementing new quality standards and expanding the services provided. It is a milestone on the path of development and increase of income.

We predict by the end of 2019 30 stationary branches all over the world and by 2020 expansion into next 75 branches.

How do we stand out?
We are focused not only on real estate turnover, but on help in real estate investments for our clients – rented apartments ready or sale, house flipping. This translates into a much larger commission.

Rentumi Property development map

Be on your own in a month. Where can you open your Rentumi Property ™ office? Apply today!

  • Branch
  • Pre-booking
  • A place for you

4 stages to success

Effective start in 30 days. Start earning even from the first month.


Apply to us to arrange a meeting at a convenient time. Agreements

Signing the contract and finding a place

Transparent cooperation agreement and property suited to your needs.

Office equipment and training

Your office will be equipped in accordance with the Rentumi Property ™ franchise standards. We have prepared for you trainings that will give you the best start.

Start after 30 days and support the headquarters

After 30 days you are ready. You have your own office, you know the standards of work, you are the boss for yourself. Congratulations! You start the first day of your new fulfilling life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services related to the advertising of the newly opened franchise will I have at my disposal?

The franchisee has access to an extensive database of marketing products such as banners, folders, business cards, calendars, pens, etc. in an offer specifically addressed to Rentumi Property ™ </ b>. The franchisee has the ability to match the products he orders to his own needs.

How much can I really earn and after what time?

Nobody will guarantee you high earnings without hard work. For this we are sure that by completing the Rentumi Property ™ </ b> development strategy, your earnings will exceed an average of $10,000 monthly after the first year and after 3 years should be at the level of $40,000 monthly.

Are there many other companies that offer a real estate franchise? Why should I decide on Rentumi Property ™?

Franczyza Rentumi Property ™ </ b> are real estate offices profiled mainly for investors.
Our goal is to sell investment ready-made (renovated, rented apartments that earn from the first day), investments in real estate with a high rate of return where the commission reaches even $100,000.

We have a stock of innovative products. We are the creators of the application with which we rented a flat and signed a contract via a mobile phone first in the world.
We have a website , which supports the settlement of rental taxes.
In addition, we stand out with an innovative approach to network development. We build investment centers, consolidating all specialists in one place.

We organize “Investor Real Estate Seminars” – in your city you will be the host and we will help you build a local PR.

Rentumi Property ™ </ b> is the opportunity to see a flat in 3D using VR technology (Virtual Reality).

Can I get a desk at a franchise office, for example for an insurance agent or an architect?

Yes, necessarily!
Then you will add people who are specialists in your field, including:
– mortgage loans
– architect
– homestaging
– real estate appraiser
– 3D walks
– Insurance
– a smart home
– Residental Association

– Enrich the offer addressed to a potential customer.
– You will gain an additional source of income
– You will have substantive support in solving your own affairs
– In addition, it will allow you to reduce the costs of renting an office, with a large surface area.

Do I have to buy office equipment myself?

There is no need. You receive a fully equipped office with equipment from us at the franchise price.

How much does training for franchisees cost?

Most of the courses at Rentumi Property ™ </ b> are free.

How will I receive orders?

You will receive orders using the Rentumi Property ™ </ b> internal advertisement service and directly from the head office.

Is it necessary to have a real estate broker license?

It is not necessary to have a real estate broker license. Nevertheless, we recommend that you obtain a license in the first year of operation.

Where can you open a Rentumi Property ™ franchise office?

Rentumi Property real estate offices can be opened in Poland as well as abroad. We prefer cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

What conditions should the premises meet?

Our experience shows that the property should even be over 100m2. The bigger the better, because you have more floor space for other specialists, and the same will reduce it.

Do I need to have experience in the real estate industry?

Priority to cooperate with people with experience in the real estate industry. If you have carried out flips, repairs, real estate, property management, sublease, rent, you were a real estate agent, etc. Business will be much easier for you.
If your experience in the real estate industry is negligible, there is the possibility of training with Rentumi Property ™ and after passing the exam, joining the cooperation.

What financial background do I need to have to open my own franchise?

In order to open branches, depending on the city, the investment amount is from $20,000 to $50,000. In addition, we require capital to start at least $10,000 for fees, including deposit for premises, etc. So, in total, you can start a business from as little as $30,000 budget.

Will I get access to programs such as CRM?

Yes, the franchisee receives from us full access to the pool of selected programs. By purchasing access as a Rentumi Property ™ group, we have significant discounts, which also allows you to save your money.

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