In case of any problems with the application, please contact the following e-mail address or telephone number:

Advertisment department

(0048) 733 900 950

Tech support department

(0048) 693 320 141


Is the free version of the Application up to 5 apartments fully functional?

Yes, the application in the free version up to 5 apartments is free of full functionality.

Will the system know which room is paid and which is not?

Yes, each payment is linked to the agreement concluded by the Rentumi Application, and explicitly refers to rent, deposit, utilities – for a given room or flat or real property.

What if the tenant does not want to pay on-line?

We distinguish two scenarios:

  • first payments (rent, deposit) – The application allows you to choose the preferred method (transfer, cash) of first payments and mark as “paid in cash” or “(to do through) transfer”
  • later payments – The application waits for online payments, but you can pay as “paid in cash”.
On-line payments: How long will I wait to receive money?

If the tenant performs an electronic transfer, the confirmation is almost immediate – it typically takes several minutes, depending on the payment method.

In order to reduce costs, the system regularly pays out funds on each of the 1st and 15th of the month; it is possible to withdraw funds earlier, but it is associated with a small additional fee; its amount depends on the subscription chosen and is given in the Pricelist .

On-line payments: Can I have different accounts for different properties?

We now support one bank account for every Landlord.

Please indicate the provisions in the regulations that apply to settlements with on-line payments.

Paragraph “§ 3. Paid services”, in particular paragraphs 10 and 11.