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Rentumi’s mission

The Rentumi company’s mission is to provide services, set standards on the market and provide software that will simplify renting and investing in real estate, make it safe for both parties and ensure electronic, remote service of contracts and settlements.

Simpler Rent

The rental combines the potential of convenience for both tenants – individual and corporate – as well as for investors and property owners. By providing high-quality services and providing modern tools, Rentumi
 simplifies and facilitates access to the rental market for both landlords and tenants.

Safer rental

Rental, the purchase and sale of real estate are associated with long-term obligations and liability. Stable growth in the real estate market makes them an attractive investment destination, both short-term and for a lifetime. By offering proven, transparent agreement templates, tools and processes for verification of contractors and efficient settlements, Rentumi makes participation in the real estate market safer for both parties.

Your online office

Modern technologies of mobile internet, electronic signature, smart home and online payments allow to eliminate costs and delays caused by centralizing of customer service processes in the office. Rentumi, through software delivery and provision of services via ICT networks, enables switching to an online office and remote customer service.